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Use these free persuasive speech resources to help build your speech.

Now your persuasive speech, topics, outline or writing can be spiced with words that more fully convey your meaning.

Here you will find free persuasive speech resources, word substitutes, equivalent words or synonyms, opposites or antonyms, and word definitions.

This is a growing resource. Bookmark this page for your future use.

Resources Galore at your
one-stop resource spot.

Humor - Humor for Speakers, How To Be Funny!
This is a very valuable persuasive speech resource that you need to look into. There is nothing more motivating and persuasive than simple humor .. personally used and thoroughly recommended. Humor for Birthday Speeches in particular and those important General Speeches like celebrations, farewell, retirement and more.

Dictionary - check your words at this great dictionary.

Thesaurus - check for better words at this Thesaurus.

A breakthrough Public Speaking Solution that will have you thrilling your audience without you being terrified - guaranteed!

Words - need a speech? Get one written, THEN come back here.

Make money with your own business
How did I build this successful site which is in the top 5% of the Internet?
Here is how to easily create a part-time business, or even move your 'bricks-and-mortar' business to the Internet for new customers ...

Do you wish to accelerate your sales?
Are you in business? Use your persuasive speech skills plus the support and instruction from this site to achieve YOUR dreams. A superb resource reflecting the best practices of the past 13 years in sales for corporate America.

Debating - a Guide for debating ...

Writing - If you are writing a speech about your travels and wish to have it published online please visit ...

If you have the time, join a public speaking group ...

Increase your vocabulary, learn a new WORD a Day ...

Need a Quote?
Here is a growing list of wisdom to which I personally refer. Wisdom that will delight the mind and persuade the heart of your audience.

More Quotations
Searchable Quotes from John Bartlett.

Improve your memory
Here Warren discusses and demonstrates excellent techniques to help you Improve Your Mind and memory for your next speech.

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