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Good day.

You have come to this page after selecting a speech writer for your upcoming speech.

Unfortunately I am very sorry that after far more than a decade of providing speeches for those using persuasive-SpeechesNow.com, my very excellent Speechwriter has discontinued their services and I am currently researching a suitable replacement.

With the same rigour that led me to my previous Speechwriter, I am now looking for nothing but the best for you.

To help you right NOW ....

Check out these pages that can assist you to quickly get on top of your speech right now ....

Help me structure my speech


Help me add humor to my speech


Help me use humour in my birthday speech

Here is a Quick Guide eBook on humor that is written for Birthdays but can be used in ANY speech. Ideas tried and tested from when I speak. Here is what I use to make all my speaking occasions more fun.  There’s nothing like humour to get your message across.  In fact a little humor helps us in all our communications.  So these ideas can be used everywhere. Its part of the Quick Guide Series for busy people.


Help me know who my audience may be ...

Soon to be completed for persuasive-SpeechesNOW and currently only within my eBook "Humor Your Speaking" at


Help me overcome any fear I might have ...


An amazing secret that will bring your words alive!


Know that you can do this speech, and in persuasive-SpeechesNOW.com are really all the answers you need.  You can do this!

All the very best.



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