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Your Words Can Be A Tribute To The Departed And A Gift To The Living

To present a Eulogy Speech is one of the greatest privileges.
Your words and thoughts can assist those attending to celebrate a life. For

“Your words are a tribute to the departed and a gift to the living”
~ Unknown author

I learnt this when I had the honour to give a Eulogy at my beloved Aunt’s funeral. Your words are more than a remembrance of the departed. They are very much for the solace of the living who are joining with you to remember at this time.

My dear aunt was an extraordinary person: humble, unselfish, a carer for others. She was a dear friend for 40 years and there are many happy memories.

"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on..."
~ Irving Berlin

In deed it did, which made writing the eulogy much easier.

Do not consider it a difficult task, challenging yes, but difficult no. Why is this so? It’s because you already know this person: maybe a little, maybe a lot.

The melody of their life most likely “lingers on” in your mind and memory.

In the midst of my grief, I faced the daunting task of thinking, composing and writing a speech for a very close aunt.

With no guidelines available, I collected my memories together, created a structure, considered my words and found suitable resources that were helpful.

I drew on my learnings from the hundreds of presentations and speeches completed over the years.

I have included what I discovered in these pages.

In these pages you will find a free example of a Eulogy speech , which can serve as a Eulogy template to use to structure and build your speech.  Also a free Eulogy Poem and more Eulogy Poems

On a very special page, I share poems that could assist your eulogy for remembering a special loved one.

The right words have a wonderful ability to soothe the soul.  Words of humor can create pathways between those who are gathered, bring a smile as memories are rekindled.

Consider adding sensitive and respectful humor to your eulogy speech.

Think about what you find here, and

Your words and support will be a tribute to the departed
and a gift to the living.

~ Unknown Author

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