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The Persuasive Speech Outline looked at here is designed to
REMOVE the ANXIETY of writing your speech.

Why struggle any longer?

But, you may have some questions ...

    - Can a Outline help me understand what a Persuasive Speech
    looks like?
    - Can I use an Outline to build my speech?
    - Will a Persuasive Speech outline help me assure my words will
    be persuasive?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES.

Here is the Persuasive Speech outline that sets out
what a speech looks like that is
designed to persuade an audience.

Here is an outline that will enable your words
to move your audience to accept your point of view.

Here is the persuasive speech Outline that will guide
your audience to act on this new conviction.

This Persuasive Speech Outline will provide a

  • FRAMEWORK on which you paint your words, and provide the
  • MAP needed for the journey guaranteeing no-one gets lost.

If you wish, you can investigate a Persuasive speech SAMPLE or two, and return here to this persuasive speech Outline to view how they were constructed.

I would suggest though that you first look over the persuasive speech Outline below and then proceed to the samples using the link at the bottom.
Return here to make use this Outline for your persuasive speech.

How is a persuasive speech built?

This Persuasive Speech Outline shows how you can use the successful I B C structure (Introduction .. Body .. Conclusion) to assist YOU in the preparation of your speech and to provide a guiding map for the AUDIENCE so they do not get lost.

The result ... a powerful device to persuade.


Tells your audience what you are going to tell them and establishes the foundation for your speech. A good Introduction 'draws the map' for the journey. For a Persuasive Speech, an Introduction consists of ...

    1. Attention-Getter: A statement, visual or sound (or combination) that startles, gains attention and makes your audience sit up.
    2. Bond : Link-to Audience: Identify a personal connection in the audiences’ life, eg their use of the ‘device’ or system, or there emotional
    experience (grief and sorrow, happiness).
    3. "Credentials" of Speaker (Credibility): Demonstrate how you are an ‘expert’ through your own use, experience or study.
    4. Destination / Objective Sentence: State clearly why you are speaking at this moment. State your Goal, Thesis or what you expect as an Outcome.
    State your Destination. An example may be .. “This evening/today I am here to convince you that .... is the most effective way to do business today"
    5. Explain your Map to your Destination : Speech Preview: Briefly outline what you will cover in your persuasive speech.
    "This is where you will ... "

    “Tell what you are going to tell them”

         Transition: A transition is how you move from one section or
         point to the next. It is a linking idea.

    You could say … “Let’s begin by ...”, “Let’s start with ...” or I prefer “Let’s consider …”

B. BODY of your Speech

The Body of your speech is where the detail is found and is best contained in THREE points (you can have more, but don't confuse your audience). For a Persuasive Speech, this is where you will ...

“Tell them”

    1. Main Point #1
    State Point 1
    State a Reason
    Give an Example
    Restate the Point

    Transition: Create a linking statement to Point 2

    2. Main Point #2
    State Point 2
    State a Reason
    Give an Example
    Restate the Point

    Transition: Create a linking statement to Point 3

    3. Main Point #3
    State Point 3
    State a Reason
    Give an Example
    Restate the Point

    Transition: Create a linking statement to the Conclusion, eg “Let’s summarise ..." or “Can we consider these main points ..."


“Tell them what you have told them”

    1. Restate thesis:

    2. Restate main points:

    3. Call-to-Action: eg “I encourage you to …”, “Let’s all contribute …” , “… sign now …”, “make a decision now to be involved …”

    4. Decision-Maker (optional):

    “Coming around is the petition …”
    “Being passed from the rear is a bag for your contribution to this noble cause, dig deep …”

This Persuasive Speech Outline is exceptionally powerful. Use it to write YOUR speech.

Where does Humor fit?

Don’t forget the place of relevant and sensitive humor in your speech.

Humor relaxes the audience, cuts through resistance, and paves the way to a receptive audience.

Humor is a significant tool to effectively persuade your audience.

Humor can be added to any part of your speech, and within the Persuasive Speech Outline above, this means any part of your I B C. Note that for the audience to know there will be a little humor, that its use in the Introduction will let your audience know the 'tone' of your speech.

Don’t leave it out – it could be the critical factor that enables the audience to consider and accept your thesis.

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Check the Persuasive Speech SAMPLE here
and then RETURN to this persuasive speech OUTLINE to see how YOU can do it!

Ideas for an Introduction - check Mind Cruises for their amazing slides to warm up an audience like a pro.

I have personally used such introductions and can assure you that they are spectacular and prepare your audience for your speech. 
Word of Warning: Any such tools needs to complement your speech and not detract your time to present your speech.  My use has been whilst an audience has been entering the room before the start time.

The above persuasive speech Outline is tried and tested and used by me personally. It is guaranteed to work especially if accompanied by the other resources from this Website.

Be patient, it takes time to write a good speech and YOU can do this, as all the tools you need are here on this Website, and growing every day. Start with this persuasive speech Outline.

YOU can do this, after all YOU are here undertaking this research right now into a persuasive speech outline and looking for speech samples.

If on the other hand you would like a speech in your hands within minutes and then use the other resources on this site to DELIVER your speech then call in your Speech Writer ... and have your speech written for you?

Right, I now have my persuasive speech Outline, so where do I go for more assistance with my speech?

For more secrets to help with your speech have a look at these speech example ideas.

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