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Here are ideas that will help you at this time, to farewell a colleague, or to say thank you, or to propose a toast. Here are some tools to help the nerves ... try them!


1. How to take the Trauma out of the Talk?
2. Visuals - what you see is what you get
3. New Year = New Opportunities

Christmas is almost here, and here are some tools to help you with any speech assignment you may undertake at this time.

How to take the Trauma out of the Talk?

I recently discovered or better, became poignantly AWARE of a VERY important LIFE SKILL the importance of having the courage to stand and speak, and the relationship to being seen in good regard and Leadership. The occasion was a simple Award ceremony, and is used in the example below.

In the not too far past, I would have found it difficult to speak in public. I was a nervous wreck when it came to standing in front of one or more people to speak. Today I am much better, but I still get butterflies ... and that is a good thing as it makes you alert. What is not good is trauma and terror when it comes to speaking.

SO ... how do you take the Trauma out of the Talk?

I will explore this over coming Newsletter issues as I also explore personally used simple speaking skills that will ensure Your Speaking Success.

A basic secret I found that reduced my nerves was being more sure of my message. The more sure, the less I was nervous.

So today, lets find an easy way to structure and organise a clear and concise message that are simple to deliver.

This is called the GOAL method from Constructive Communications.

G get to the point
O outline the ideas that support your point
A address each idea
L leave them with a message

I recently used the GOAL approach in a presentation of a Gift to Pamela, a special person at a Volunteers' Christmas Party. Pamela professionally supported the Coordinator in her role.
Leaving out all but the main words, this is how it was done with GOAL ...

Get to the Point I quickly made the Point that Pamela was very worthy of this gift.

Outline Tell them what you are going to tell them
I outlined three reasons
1.. Her support
2.. Her response to clients
3.. Her dedication

Address each idea Tell them
Each idea presented in the Outline was spoken to in more detail.

1.. Her significant efforts in supporting the Coordinator
2.. Her ability to respond to peoples needs and enquiries
3.. Her dedication to the role.

Leave them with a Message Tell them what you told them

It was here that I repeated the point mentioned in the beginning. This meant I started and ended in the same place.

There you have the GOAL approach to speaking.

Try it, and you will soon have clarity around your topic and your nerves will start to subside, except for those small ones needed to keep you alert.

Visuals - what you see is what you get

Are you aware of the importance of what your audience sees when you are speaking?

What you SEE is what you get

Check out the Most Amazing Secret at

YOU will be surprised!

New Year = New Opportunities

Some people think that good speakers are lucky. Lucky to have a great voice, lucky to know how to speak ....

Do you know the definition of LUCK?

Luck is the "intersection of opportunity and preparation".

So in the coming year ...
use Your Speaking Success Newsletter (YSSN) as Preparation
for when that Opportunity arrives in this coming year.

Make a New Year Resolution to prepare, be watchful of
opportunities ... and luck will surely find you. In fact, do this and create your OWN luck.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all of us at persuasive-SpeechesNOW.


Written by Warren Holland, BEd, GDBusComp, GCM, ATM
(c) Copyright persuasive-SpeechesNOW

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