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Hello … my name is Warren Holland.

I live in Sydney Australia and
my passion is to speak well and persuasively and to write a persuasive speech.

My background includes having been:

    a teacher of Physics, an adult educator
    an implementer of IT projects
    a project manager
    a project leader for IT systems
    a team leader

    a business owner and an author
    a Father and a Husband, and

    a speaker and communicator.

In all this variety, I have made a significant discovery: the KEY to my success were my skills in communication.

On every occasion, it was my skills as a communicator that were most important.

To prepare and deliver a persuasive speech, and to communicate well was paramount.

To be able to communicate well, one-to-one with the CEO of a company, a Director, a customer, the bank manager or the software developer.

To be able to communicate well in small groups such as my team.

To communicate well with large groups such as audiences of 30, 100 or 1000 (yes I have).

To persuade, inform, inspire and seek action.

With a passion for teaching, Persuasive-SpeechesNow came into being as a means of passing on the knowledge gained over many years in communication and persuasive speech making.

My first problem was building a Website. I was keen to write about communication, but not all this "html", "ftp" and "search engine submission" work. My first attempts meant I spent ages inside computer code – this was not good!

Then I found Solo Build It. Solo Build It has allowed me to build this successful site, without the trouble of finding, and paying for, and learning a lot of different programs. It is very easy to use to build a "Web Presence." I can't speak highly enough about it. If you'd like to find out more for yourself about Solo Build It, just click here.

MOST IMPORTANT, Solo Build It has allowed me to concentrate on writing about communication, persuasive speech-making, secrets of speaking, powerful delivery methods, and all the important things! Solo Build It has freed me to concentrate on what I want to do - write about communication and speaking.

Another very useful site that discusses proven web-business building systems and tools that are used by the author can be found at

Over the years … I have studied great speakers, experimented and learnt many ideas about effective communications and persuasive speech. Even this website is an exercise in effective communications.

I am a keen observer of life and an experimenter (comes from my science teaching days!). I continually experiment with the communication ideas - keeping those that work, modifying and discarding those that do not work.

I continually study communication and great persuasive speech makers.

I have played with ideas in all types of settings, from high school and College classrooms, to Clubs, to business presentations and to team meetings. I have also learnt and played with ideas at the Elouera Toastmasters in Sydney Australia where I have been a member for 10 years. Incidentally Toastmasters is an excellent place to learn, experiment and safely test ideas.

I have presented before all forms of audiences and from each experience I have learnt more about communications. Having learnt so much and discovered so many hidden ideas I asked myself why should speaking well be so difficult. It does not rely on natural talent, but primarily on the discovery of the secrets to speaking well.

Following a severe accident recently, I have decided that it is time to share what I have learnt, to share these secrets.

So this site was born using the powerful Solo Build It ! A place to come and quickly gain access to the secrets to good communications for that wedding speech, the business presentation, that job interview or promotion.

Speech Secrets for Speech Success

Persuasive Speeches Now

Being an educator and teacher at heart, I have found the perfect place to distribute to YOU the great secrets to effective and memorable speech making, presentations and interviews. Secrets for improved casual conversations. Secrets to give you confidence, reduce fear. Secrets to make YOUR voice heard, understood and to cause an action or response. You can see I have much to write here.

Secrets that are available through my Persuasive Speech Newsletter.

Practical, tested and proven ideas that can be immediately applied for your success.

Receive a valuable QUOTE free with each edition that can be used straight away.

Bookmark this site and learn the speech secrets that will give you the success in life that you seek.

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