Does Public Speaking Fear or Feeling Anxious Affect You?

This MUSIC Could Assist

Being anxious or even having a public speaking fear can seem a most difficult thing when you have to give a speech or presentation and you have all this nervous tension and worry.

I want to tell you how music REALLY helps me and makes it so much easier.

Mind you, some nerves are good, but for clarity of mind when preparing, and a calmer approach prior to presenting, I use music to calm my mind.

Overcoming Nerves With Music

Feeling calm and relaxed with musicFeeling Calm and Positive

Music helps me at each stage to 

• think and write out my ideas with clarity,

• relax (very important) when I am getting uptight about the event,

• sleeping (most important) so my mind starts energised each day, and 

• pure calm in the days and hours immediately before I present

• be able to actually ENJOY the occasion - YES music does it for me!

My music is my ever present friend on my computer, my iPad and on my Smartphone.  Absolutely wonderful for speaking.

My Smartphone and Me

One of the best inventions I have is my Smartphone where I am able to listen to my calming music when walking around and just before I need to speak.

What Have I Found Useful?

So what do I listen to?  I have found a brilliant composer of music to calm me, relax and even help me sleep.  Expertly composed and targeted to my exact needs in the weeks and time leading up to my speech and also just before a presentation.  Actually I use it for my exam preparation as well.

It is entirely FREE to have a look and listen to what I use and let Chris the Composer and Music Therapist explain the music.

If you visit to have a listen, find the Music Downloads in the Navigation Bar on the LEFT.

You can PREVIEW everything.

Chris' Music for Relaxation, De-Stressing and Sleep

for your Speech.

I wish for your success, and hope that this music that helps me, can also assist you to present the very best that you can, and most important, to enjoy the occasion.

Best wishes,


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