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Here is a speech example from a recent presentation I made where I had the privilege of addressing a group on a favourite topic.  I sometimes address such groups on areas of specialty.  I was the second of four speakers.

I waited on the side as Michael the first speaker spoke on.  I was the next speaker and was called to the side to prompt Michael to start to end the presentation.

Michael sat at the end of a large rectangular table, with his hands holding a piece of paper and eyes on his notes.  Around the table were colleagues from another department.

Michael had just finished a Powerpoint presentation of 30 slides and spoke quickly about his program, for more than 40 minutes now.

I looked around at his audience and wondered how much was going to be retained and what had been most important in this presentation.  What from this presentation would make a difference tomorrow.

I determined then and there to give a different presentation.

This is what I did:

What I did

Why I did it

I stood up.

To the dismay of everyone, and especially Michael – a real surprise !  “Don’t you want a seat?” asked Michael.

You should have seen the look on their faces. 

By standing, I:

Immediately established that I was going to be different after a long “static” presentation.

Gave them an opportunity to shift in their chairs, to lighten up and to look forward to my Message.

Commanded the space (and you do not need much).

Drew attention, and

Created focus on me and the Message.

Enabled the use of body language through positioning, use of gestures and facial expressions.

I was interested in building relationships.

I used eye contact

By standing, I was easily able to look everyone in the eye to create relationships and a true sense of speaking to individuals as much as the group.

I was brief

I respected their time.

A short presentation in itself can be memorable in comparison to another’s longer presentation.

I had a strong message which was important not to get lost in a long and wordy presentation.

I used some humor

I wrapped my presentation inside a few laughs – trying to be natural.  Eg “I’m standing so you cannot read my notes and get ahead of me”.

Built relationships and built ‘bridges’.

Set everyone at ease.

Allowed my audience to shift in their chairs and get comfortable as they reacted to my humor.

I used my voice

Added interest, fast, slow, deep, high.

My use of a natural voice enabled me to respond to the needs of the different types of learners in the group: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and even those who may be auditory-digital.

I structured my “talk” or presentation.

I used a whiteboard and wrote my 3 points up as I made them.  This kept the 3 ideas in their minds as a visual throughout my presentation.  You have to work hard to do this using Powerpoint slides.

Those listening could see where I was going so they did not get lost.

The message was “visible” and memorable.

I summarised

This reinforced the three major points covered, and with the linking helped understanding.

I ended with an inspiring story of hidden outcomes in their work

Ending on a positive and inspiring note that reinforces the importance of this department, and the individual.

We all deserve to be recognised.

An interesting way to end, which in this instance helped ensure that the time and the Message is memorable.

Summarising this Speech Example

I stood and spoke briefly using humor and eye contact to build bridges, structuring the time used so they did not get lost, and trying to create a memorable moment through the use of humor, voice, gestures and an inspiring story that honoured their work.  The use of a summary reinforced the three points of the Message.

Although a Message can have more points, I find that three is optimum for me and are easy to remember and easy to revise throughout the speech and presentation.

Being brief and inspiring can create a persuasive speech and presentation.

It is hoped that this speech example is helpful to you. For further assistance with another speech example look at the persuasive speech sample at the link below.

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