Do you have a
fear of public speaking?or public speaking anxiety?

Do your knees knock through fear of public speaking when there is more than one person in front of you?

Do you see missed opportunities through your fear of public speaking?
Raises? Promotion? Advancement?

Are you in business ? The cost of your fear of speaking in public will be very high and it can be difficult to calculate the missed business opportunities.

Here are ideas to help sort through the nerves and anxiety that can be experienced when you have to speak in public.

Here are personally proven strategies to overcome your fear of public speaking.

My own most important strategy is music . Have a look at what I choose.

If you cannot stand in front of two or more, then here are strategies that will assist you to take that important first step to DECIDE to speak in public for the very first time – and to overcome your fear of public speaking.

The net result ...

MORE opportunities;
MORE business;
NO MORE fear.

Whatever you can do,
or dream you can ...
begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

YOU can do it, BEGIN IT as hundreds before you have
COMMIT yourself to a new start ...

Until one is committed there is hestitancy,
the chance to draw back,
always ineffective.
‘Commitment’ by WN Murray, leader of Scottish Himilayan Expedition 1951

Why are people afraid of speaking in public?

What are some of the symptoms of the fear of public speaking ?
Do any of these apply to you?

Is it possible to learn to speak in public?

What strategies can you use to overcome that fear?

    - Strategies in advance of the engagement ...
    - Just before the engagement ...
    - When your engagement begins ...
    - At the lecturn ...

    - The right thinking

Now that you are speaking with confidence ....

The net result of practising these strategies is ...

    MORE opportunities
      MORE business
      NO MORE fear of public speaking.

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