Use Visualization
To Overcome The
Fear Of Public Speaking

Visualization can help you overcome the fear of public speaking and even nerves when you have to speak in public. Visualization can be used in innumerable situations: reduce exam anxiety, on the sporting field, going for a driving test, the job interview ...

What then is Visualization?

Visualization is where you use your imagination to form a mental image of something not present before the eye at the time.

Your imagination is an "inner eye".

Within the mind, your imagination uses its inner eye to make an image that is "visible".

Roy's story
I am a member of an elite basketball team.
Last month I was injured for six weeks and could not practise.
As the best game of my life was the one in which I was injured,
I proudly replayed that game, and the 21 points I scored
over and over again ... in my mind.

I saw the crowd, I heard the roar and I smelt the sweat.
The only way to stop me was to put more players on me,
and to get more aggressive.

Well that’s why I ended up in hospital.
It was a glorious game though.

Yet the strangest thing happened when I left hospital ...
In my first game back 6 weeks later I scored 15 points.

That is amazing, and with so much time off too.

Roy you are a legend!

The subconscious doesn’t distinguish between an actual event and a vividly imagined one.

It is medically and scientifically recognized that visualized images actually bring about psychological and physiological changes to virtually the same degree as direct experience.

This principle of visualization is now being use in numerous medical applications as well as to accelerate learning, to improve athletic performance to promote successful career achievement, and

    to overcome fears like the fear of public speaking and reduce nerves.
In practical terms for your speech, you can use Visualisation to rehearse your speech. This is done by using your “inner eye” (your mind and imagination) to "walk through" your speech.

But much more. Much, much more.

You can use visualization to overcome your fear of public speaking.

You can use visualization any time: from when you have been asked to speak, during the planning, when rehearsing, when driving to the venue or walking to the lecturn ...

Below are practical strategies that you can use straight away. Use and adapt to YOUR needs.

In the exercises that follow, it is good to have an image of the environment where you will be when you speak.

As you create a vision, use as many senses as you can: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

See if you can SEE a clear image of the room,
the stage (if this is to be used), the seats, the lighting,
SMELL the smells,
HEAR the other noises.
See the room filled with your audience.
SEE a friend in the audience.

The more vivid your images, the more effective.
The more effective ... the quicker you will start to reduce your fear of public speaking.

In each of the visualisations below, substitute YOUR speaking environment for my more formal circumstances.
Make your images REAL to you.

Now try some of these visualization strategies to overcome your fear of public speaking and nerves on the day.

READ the scene - CLOSE your eyes and see the image ...
Act out the scene in your mind over 30 seconds to 1 minute ...

Make all images POSITIVE ... POSITIVE

1. HEAR the audience applauding you as you walk to the lecturn following your introduction.

2. As you stand at the lecturn and look at the audience SEE them standing in front of you SEE their hands moving. SEE your friend enthusiastically clapping with the rest. SEE the smile. HEAR the hands.

3. Picture the audience reaction after you have finished speaking: SEE them on their feet, HEAR the applause and the cheering, FEEL the warmth of feeling they hold for you, you can almost SMELL the success as you shake hands with your admiring followers.

If this is difficult to do, start with a smaller group and build up the group.

Again, READ the scene - CLOSE your eyes and see the image ...
Act out the scene in your imagination over 30 seconds to 1 minute ...

Imagine the following:

- talking to a good friend

- a small group of friends to whom you are chatting

- a toast at a table with 6 good friends

- making a point in a meeting with 6 colleagues

- a farewell speech to a colleague who is leaving.

Visualization is a VERY POWERFUL ally to you.
Visualization is one of the most powerful strategies to use to reduce the fear of public speaking. Visualisation is also able to:

    - Allay the fear of public speaking
    - To reduce nerves associated with public speaking
    - To rehearse a speech, either its parts or the whole speech.

Use this ALLY and you will have discovered a faithful friend.

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