Retirement Speech Ideas
For That Farewell Occasion

For Staff Saying Farewell
and For Managers

Farewell and Retirement Speech ideas for you if you are retiring, for a supervisor, manager, CEO or President if you are farewelling a colleague.

Are you retiring?

Here are insightful Retirement Speech and Farewell Speech ideas for someone retiring or leaving an organisation.  They will remember you with warmth.  After having changed and made a farewell speech on many occasions, I share my experience and learnings.

Are you a manager farewelling a colleague?

If you are a supervisor, a manager, CEO or President, then this is the right place for you.  As a manager of people, here you will find some unexpected consequences of your farewell speech to consider as well as how to construct the most persuasive and memorable farewell.

Drawing on my years of experience from speaking on occasions of being farewelled myself, and as a Manager and Director farewelling valued colleagues, I pull together the essentials of doing it well.  My aim has always been to be persuasive and have colleagues agree with my words, and memorable so that there was a warm feeling in the room that lingers into the future.

Feelings linger after the words of a farewell or retirement speech

You see the words may be lost soon after the event, but the feelings linger on.  Positive feelings enable a broad recall of the event. (1)

So your mission is to use your persuasive words to create the memorable feelings that linger.

This is easy to prove.  Consider someone you admire who has spoken powerfully, possibly with passion.  Unless you have a good auditory memory for words, what you will remember are the feelings aroused, other than the actual words.

I can easily recall famous speeches which can be listened to today, such as Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" where words combined with passion built the feelings, and also Winston Churchill's "We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches", and President Kennedy in his Inauguration Speech where he said "ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country".

Can you think of a memorable speech and remember the feeling ... and not the words?

It is important to you because of how it made you feel.

Some guiding thoughts

Here is some guiding thoughts on how to create that memorable time.

Retirement Speeches and Farewell Speeches can take place anywhere two or more people have been working or gathering together in any organisation whether work, social, friendship or volunteer groups, in fact anywhere someone is leaving or there is change.

An opportunity

How opportune to take this occasion to create warm feelings about this change.

I believe this is a positive occasion for all involved, as a good leaving is paramount.  Time and time again, I run into former employees, volunteers and people I have spoken about on a farewell or retirement occasion, so do not burn bridges.  Even if this leaving is through a redundancy, this should be a positive event.

Managers, there are some special insights for this occasion for you at the link below.

I truly hope that my learnings here can be of value as you make this transition either as a retirement, or a farewell.

  • Farewell Speech for a person retiring or saying farewell
  • Ideas for Farewell and Retirement Speeches and for a Supervisor, Manager or CEO with additional insight into the occasion for your role
  • Farewell and Retirement Quotes you can use that can provide gravitas
  • Farewell and Retirement Humor that can lighten the occasion and put a smile on everyone's face
  • How to be relaxed and at your best for this occasion

The very best of wishes for this auspicious occasion. 


Make it memorable.


(1) Feelings' sway over memory, New research suggests that emotions can strengthen and shape memory.  American Psychological Association, SADIE F.DINGFELDER,  Monitor Staff,  September 2005,  Vol 36, No. 8, Page 54

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