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I do hope that you are finding the free speeches information at helpful to you. It continues to grow day by day.

Did you know that
ALL the information on this site is

Yes it is.

I have a passion for communication ... for GOOD communications ... and persuasive communications.
That is what I write about here.
I also enjoy that what I write makes a difference - as so many tell me.

You can help me continue my writings and information about speeches, develop this site and MOST IMPORTANT encourage me, by simply TELLING OTHERS about the free information you have found here by sharing on Facebook or Twitter.  Now isn't that simple.

I really want to be here when YOU need me in the Future for your Special Speeches and communications, and TELLING OTHERS will keep me available to you straight away at the CLICK of a button, AND ....

I have BIG plans for the FUTURE.

One being an opportunity for YOU to contribute to persuasive-SpeechesNOW.
Another being able to respond in different ways to Questions on creating persuasive communications.
Another being a reorganisation of the site.
Another being to explore even further the concept of "persuasion". This has started already with an analysis of the President's speeches.
A BIG plan is to keep this a free speeches information OASIS for you into the future

Most important is simply to have FUN.

As a THANKYOU you will be able to join the famous persuasive-SpeechesNOW Newsletter for FREE.

Thank you for helping to keep going, growing and improving!

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