Barack Obama - Former President of United States of America

Democratic Nominee for President of America
Persuasive and Inspiring Words

Listen to the inspiring words of Barack Obama.

Listen to how he uses:

Repetition of key words
Changes in the Tone and Volume of his voice Pauses
Looks at and speaks to his audience
Watch his gestures - his arms, hands, his body position.

By watching, listening and observing, you can learn how to persuasively present ideas.

Ideas that could inspire.
Ideas that could create change.

Barack Obama

Our Moment Is Now [youtube]

Yes We Can [youtube]

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President Obama's Victory Speech

Transcript and Video

President Obama's Inauguration Speech
With a Summary, Video and an Expert analysis of why President Obama's words inspire

President Obama's Tuscon Speech following the shootings

State of the Union Speech 2011

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