Birthday Humor

And Persuasive Speeches on Birthdays

Humor Is Like Oil

Birthday Humor can add the oil that lubricates a gathering, and often can bring levity to such special occasions as celebrating a "milestone" birthday. Adding some humor can be just what is needed.

Humor at a birthday can take many forms: from a humorous theme, to decorations, to humor in the words spoken during the celebration.

Here there will be a focus on the words spoken, that can add that extra dimension of enjoyment on this happy occasion.

There is humor for all ages. From turning 50 humor there is:

Humor for a 40th birthday

Humor for a 50th birthday

Humor for a 60th birthday

On your special occasion, you can use these resources in a singular one-off fashion to lighten the mood, or you can structure them in a presentation or for use as speech humor.

Why Use Birthday Humor?

  1. Humor attracts your audience's attention, which means they can then be more attentive to your message
  2. Humor can make the message more likeable and persuasive
  3. Humor can make your message more memorable, by
  4. Creating warmth through your mirth, and
  5. Humor allows everyone to giggle, laugh, slap your legs or hands together, look at others, and just move about.  It is the "free-er upper" and creator of a happy ambience in the room.  Your audience will be engaged with you.
  6. Humor releases endorphins in the brain, just like exercise such as running.  These endorphins create "feel good" feelings and increased mental activity which is why humor can increase attentiveness.

There are so many advantages to using humor.

You Do Not Have To Be A Comedian

You do not have to be a comedian to use humor.

You do not have to write your own jokes to use humor.

In fact all you need to be able to do use already existing jokes, stories, quips, one-liners that are relevant and appropriate to THIS birthday.

So Why Could You Be Hesitant?

You do not have to be a good speaker to use humor.

So long as you are careful, it doesn't matter who your audience is.

It does not matter where the birthday celebration is to be held.

It does not matter how soon the birthday celebration is, humor can add that zest to the occasion. 

Whether today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, humor can definitely add to the occasion.

Give Humor a Go

My goodness, who wouldn't want a memorable experience and an attentive, engaged audience who feel good, and a warm and positive atmosphere.  It really is worth trying a little humor and then enjoying the occasion along with your audience.

Give humor a go,

for that special occasion ...

and other birthdays as well.

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