Persuasive Speeches Outline to
planning YOUR Persuasive Speech
Best Man Speech or Wedding Speech

Site Map and Outline to

Use this page to ..
- PLAN your persuasive speeches and
- DISCOVER amazing secrets
that will help YOU produce THAT powerful inspirational speech

You have been asked to give a Speech .. what now?
- Don't panic !
- Working through the fear
- Feel the fear and do it anyway
- Better than the thrill of Bungy Jumping!
. (Believe me ... you will relish THIS achievement !)

Speech Research
- Your audience
- The venue
- Researching words ... Links to Resources and Links

Speech Preparation and Planning
- Choose a Topic
>>> How to find a Topic
>>> How to create a Topic
>>> Sample Topics - many, many here
>>> How to create a title for your Topic

- Speech Outline
Speech Sample
Graduation Speech
Speech: "I cannot live without my Internet"
- Quotes

- An Amazing Secret
>>>> "What you see is what you get!"
- More PROVEN insider secrets to great speeches

- Remembering your Speech
>>>> Making it easy and making it hard

Speech Delivery
- The Week before
- The day before
- The hour before
- 15 Minutes before
- Standing and approaching the Lecturn
- At the Lecturn / Table
- During your Speech
- After your speech

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New sections are regularly added.

Yes .. you guessed it .. I am constantly adding pages
to bring you the best in communication practices.

This is a VERY active site.

So, save paper ... BOOKMARK this site as your reference for speech creation, outlines, delivery and new ideas.

Even better use the FEEDBACK link above to TELL me what YOU want ...

This page will guide you in building YOUR speech
- start at the top and work your way down
and BUILD POWERFUL and persuasive SPEECHES..

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