Visualization Strategies
To Overcome The Fear of Public SpeakingTested By Science

Visualization is a powerful tool to help you overcome the fear of public speaking. Even more important is that scientific tests have proven its effectiveness.

Let's start with Roy again ...

You may have met Roy on a previous page ...
as he inadvertently found the Visualization Strategy, here is his story again.

Roy's story
I am a member of an elite basketball team.
Last month I was injured for six weeks and could not practise.
As the best game of my life was the one in which I was injured,
I proudly replayed that game, and the 21 points I scored
over and over again ... in my mind.

I saw the crowd, I heard the roar and I smelt the sweat.
The only way to stop me was to put more players on me,
and to get more aggressive.

Well that’s why I ended up in hospital.
It was a glorious game though.

Yet the strangest thing happened when I left hospital ...
In my first game back 6 weeks later I scored 15 points.

That is amazing, and with so much time off too.

Science has had a closer look at this phenomenon.

A study at the University of Chicago tested how visualisation can improve sport performance. A number of students were divided into three groups.
On the first day all students were tested shooting a certain number of foul shots in basketball.

The groups then were given the following instructions:
· Group One was told not to play or practise any basketball for a month.
· Group Two were told was told to practice shooting baskets for one full hour a day, every day, for the month.
· Group Three were told to spend one hour a day imagining they were successfully shooting baskets. Do this every day for the month. Imagine in their minds successfully shooting baskets. See every detail of your accomplishments in your mind.

Could you imagine what the third group thought when they were given this instruction - WOW!

After these 30 days a new test was done and compared with the results from day 1 as a reference, the new results were very surprising:

· Group 1 had 0% improvement, which is not very surprising.
· Group 2 improved 24%, which is not bad, but they had been training with the ball for 30 days
· Group 3 improved 23%, which is very surprising, since they had not touched the ball for 30 days.

Group 3, who had not set foot on a basketball court, who had only imagined shooting baskets in their mind, had improved their performance by a phenomenal 23%, almost the same improvement as the group who had actually played basketball!

These results give an example of the power of visualization, a technique where we use our thoughts and imagining to think in "mental pictures".

Using this strategy, you can overcome the fear of public speaking.

In fact as well as the fear of public speaking, visualization is the MOST powerful strategy and can bring success to all aspects of life ...

Vizualisation is the KEY to YOUR success...

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