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Here is the key to remembering
names, faces,
words for a speech.

Never be the same again.

What is Memory ?

“I have a poor memory” Really!
How can I improve memory?
How can I use it better?"

These are statements and questions often made to me.

“I have a poor memory” Really, is that true! Think on this …

Your memory is a vast storage reservoir which can hold an entire life experience recorded in smells, noises, colors, movement and tastes (Speech and Brain Mechanisms: Penfield, Princeton NJ, 1959)

Your memory can vividly recall dreams, past experiences triggered by a smell, sound or perhaps a previous familiar place (eg a school).

I have a strong and striking memory of the public hall where as a primary school student, I prepared for school plays and shows. I am constantly astonished by how fast the scenes and activity of this time flashes through my mind as I smell the odour of enclosed timber flooring in a room. The other students, nightly crowds as I squash toward the drinks table for cordial, the noise, cheering, clapping, the dimmed lights, the bins for refuse … all flash through my mind prompted by that odour – simply amazing and very reliable as it happens every time I smell that smell! It really is a marvellous odour !

”Some memories are realities,
and are better than anything that can
ever happen to one again.”

Willa Cather

Another memory feat is the “finding” of lost items like keys. Have you ever had one of those instances where you “recall” where they are? Come on .. I bet you have!
The brain seems to “remember” even when we have “absent-mindedly” placed say the keys, down whilst reaching for that ringing telephone.

This is really about being “originally aware”
(The Memory Book, Lorayne H & Lucas J, Random House, NY: 1996)
For example, 'originally aware' of the location of keys. Yet almost all “lost” objects are found as you magically recall a clue which enables you to place your hand on them. Maybe the brain stores away the location, whilst the keys “feel” lost because they are not at the forefront of our minds. Our amazing brains! Our amazing memory – the key to my life …

”I wear the key of memory,
and can open every door in the house of my life.”

Amelia E. Barr

So how poor is YOUR memory really !

It is a powerful, storage place for you, waiting for the proper tools to unleash its potential.

How can I use it better?
How can I improve my memory?

The answer is …. YOU CAN …

There is substantial scope to improve our memories, or better, LEARN how to use our memory better. My favourite place to do this is MindTools. MindTools provide food for my mind, just like my favourite restaurant provides food for my body. Like my favourite restaurant, each time I visit, I find exquisite gems that feed my brain, mind and memory. Tools to increase and improve my memory.

“Memory - the very skin of life.”

Elizabeth Hardwick

Indeed, it is …. Memory is required for everything we do. It wraps and defines our lives, our shape, like skin.

We CAN make it even better

How can I improve my memory?

Mind knowledge … Exercise … more Mind knowledge … Exercise …

You need a memory aid, or perhaps a remember aid !!

Let’s explore knowledge about the mind and “Remember Aids”

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