60th Birthday Present Ideas

Here you will find the most amazing 60th birthday present ideas.

Most people will give a gift wrapped in birthday paper, and maybe even a bow.  But there is a gift that is very valuable ... in fact priceless.

Unique 60th Birthday Present Ideas

When it comes to 60th birthday present ideas, what more valuable gifts could you give than your words, and oil your words with humor to liven up the occasion.

What you say, and the way you say it can be the most memorable gift of all.

But I am not the speaker you say ...

That does not matter.  Have you ever been to a Birthday Celebration and a couple of people stand and speak and nobody knew they were going to do that.

In fact, these words are incredibly well received, and welcomed.

So consider giving it a go ... a few words and some humor.

But I'm Not Very Funny

Not a problem.  I'm not either, but I've learnt how to spin a yarn and tell some great birthday jokes.

I've spoken at many many birthday celebrations, and used humor that I had found and adapted to this birthday, and this person.  Each one unique.

I've been asked to write down how to do it on many occasions, so I now have.

I've created a Quick Guide on how I do it, and it's for people in a hurry (aren't we all?), that describes how to structure a small speech (yes it only needs to be a few minutes), AND shows you how to adapt humor and jokes that you find, to this 60th birthday.

Also, it shows you where to find some great humor just for a 60th birthday, so there is no need to go searching.

This Quick Guide is unique, as there is nothing like it anywhere.  Written from my own experiences speaking at Birthday celebrations and using humor.

Here is where you can find out more ...

But I Don't Have The Words

This Quick Guide can help you there as well, with links to where you can find the words, how to structure your speech, as well as show you an oasis of humor suitable for a 60th birthday.

If you want words fast, have a look at this.

What Are You Waiting For?

Consider now, creating a tangible memory of this occasion, of enabling a positive ambience through your words, and through your humor.

There will probably also be a photograph of the occasion so your words will continue to be thought about.

A great memory and a fun time.

What better 60th birthday present idea can there be?

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