Special Occasion Speech

A Special Occasion Speech is most often the speech opportunity that comes our way in life.  Sometimes it can be as simple as being asked to "say a few words" on a particular special occasion.  Unlike the more traditional persuasive or informational speeches.

Having said that, a Special Occasion Speech will often seek to still persuade the audience, say of the merits of a person or a celebration, and for us to be won over and to (possibly) all stand and raise our glasses in a toast.

A speech for a special occasion can be humorous, often not too long, and usually about one or more people, and maybe a team.

Some Quick Examples

Some quick examples of a Special Occasion Speech include: a toast at a wedding, an introduction to a guest speaker, or perhaps a graduation or valedictory speech, a special aged birthday, a farewell to a colleague, a retirement speech or a eulogy.  Even a virtual meeting or video conference using Zoom or Webex can use a special occasion speech to motivate and inspire a project team.

As you can see, a Special Occasion Speech can pop up anywhere.  Wouldn't it be good to know how to prepare and deliver one.  You never know, you may need to tomorrow.

Definition of a Special Occasion Speech

A special occasion speech therefore is a speech designed to address the occasion and to engage with the emotions of the audience.

Delivering a Special Occasion Speech

As with persuasive speeches, there are four key factors to consider to effectively prepare and deliver a special occasion speech.

  • Be prepared
  • Adapt to the occasion
  • Adapt to your audience
  • Be mindful of time.

Examples of Special Occasion Speeches

Here is a more extensive list of speeches given for special occasions:

  • Speeches that introduce another speaker
  • Presentation speech for a prize or honour
  • Speeches of Acceptance of say, a prize
  • Speech of dedication
  • Toasts at any occasion really
  • Roasts
  • Birthdays
  • Eulogies
  • Farewells
  • Retirements
  • Commencements, Graduations and Valedictories
  • After dinner speech
  • Motivational speech which is a very specialized persuasive speech.

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