'Feeling Words' Deliver Your Memorable Speech

Want a memorable, uplifting speech? Then use feeling words which touch the emotions and your speech will be remembered forever.

For it is the feelings felt during the words of your speech that live long after the words are gone, and remain as fond memories of "that speech".

Shhh ... Here Is A Secret ...

People remember most the feelings  engendered by a movie, by music or by words in a speech.  You have probably heard speeches that make you smile, weep or teary eyed. Speeches that make you feel good are remembered because of the feelings you felt.

Since your words and humor can make the brain's neurotransmitters flow, you can have your audience leaving feeling good as well.

So use some humor plus your (personal) message and it will be remembered for the warm feelings you create. 

If you can speak your speech with only a few uses of your notes, you will build a strong emotional connection with your audience as  you focus on them other than notes.  This again enhances the feelings you create around this occasion in your audience, and it will be the feelings engendered that will long live on in memories.

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