Persuasive Answer Machine Messages
with funny humor

Add some wonderment, a surprise
for your next telephone caller

Answer Machine messages funny humor - an excellent combination to create a persuasive message:

. At home, create your own individual, unique and memorable message to the caller - putting a smile on their face, or
. If in business, an opportunity to market your business, a product or service in a memorable, unforgettable way.

Humorous phone messages are used by only a few households and businesses.

Did you know that most house-holds and almost all businesses have a voice message to help those calling. This voice message is either an Answer Machine, or a Message Bank. Either way, this message can be unique, memorable and possibly a "conversation piece". Now wouldn't that be something. If in business, potential clients saying “… you should hear the Answer Machine message at … ” or “Hey heard a great message today … ”

Now when you consider marketing, the major aim of any marketing message is to obtain some real estate in your mind – a memorable Answer Machine message may be just the answer.

As an example, I was on a domestic Air Virgin flight recently between Sydney and Brisbane Australia. The usual passenger air safety message (you know, with the demonstration of the inflatable life jackets etc) was sprinkled with suitable humor that made everyone listen. Those who “know it all” and bury their heads in the magazines wanted to know why everyone was laughing. In fact everyone was listening and having a giggle. How is that for attention-getting and a persuasive message.

So, how can I
Construct a memorable Answer Machine Message, that’s funny and has humor?

It really does not have to be a difficult exercise, as anyone reaching an Answer Machine message is not expecting a funny, humorous message. You will catch them off-guard, and you will be admired for making their day just that better.


1.. Make it short;
2.. Write it down for speaking, not reading;
3.. When reading the passage, read with enthusiasm, living the story in your message;
4.. Alternative ideas:

    Take an activity that usually occurs OUTSIDE and have it happen INSIDE.
    Take an event that would normally not occur and have it occur.
    If possible, like a good joke, have the ‘punch-line’ at the end.

IDEAS for a Message

. Turn the tap on, or record in bathroom (under the shower?)

    - Hi, (place your name here) here, afraid I'm a bit wet just this minute, can you leave a message ...
    - I'm waterproof testing my phone, can't talk right now, just leave a message right after the boop. Whoops, guess some water must have got in there …

. I am off looking for my Diary to see when you will be calling. Hope I don't miss you.

. Hey can’t speak at the moment, my pet lion is chasing me through the house. Just leave your message after the beeeeeeeep ….

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