The 18th Birthday Speech

What an important speech for you ...

an 18th Birthday Speech. 

What a wonderful gift for the future that lies ahead for this young person.

Filled with potential and promise, your words will be like a beacon to inspire and show the way to those opportunities that lie ahead.

For all who are gathered, whether large or small, your words can express better than any gift what this day means to you, and all those who love this young person.

Do you feel anxious?

Birthday speeches and in particular special occasion speeches like an 18th birthday party speech may make you feel apprehensive and even anxious.

If you are anxious or nervous, use these ideas to help you.
They help me every time I have to get up to speak.

Most important to know is that all your words will be welcomed and rejoiced in, regardless of how well you think you might deliver them.

Use the guidelines below to be prepared, and to calm those nerves.  Then go get them !!

So what to consider now that you are going to speak at this celebration?

An 18th Birthday Speech - Prepare

If there is a special celebration to mark the occasion of a 18th birthday and you will be giving a speech, then consider your preparation for this event.


1. Audience

Consider your audience.

  • Who will they be? 
  • Are they formal or informal or casual?
  • Will they be business colleagues, or friends?
  • Is it a special group? is it a sport group? or a social group?

Your audience will guide your choice of words, whether more formal or business-like, or casual.  Your consideration of your audience will also assist if you choose to use quotes or humor. Take time to reflect on who will be there.

2.  Location and time

The location for the 18th Birthday celebration is important for many reasons.  A private room or area is obviously best, but be prepared for a more public area.  Find out from the organiser where the celebration is planned to be held.  Consider the following:

  • How quiet it could be for a speech
  • A private gathering will be conducive to a speech, but if amidst other patrons (eg in a Club, a Hotel or a restaurant), be prepared for competing noise, and maintaining attention.

Will those gathered be sitting for a meal or standing with finger food?

  • A long table may mean you have to stand in a central location
  • If everyone is standing for finger food (for example), how will you gain attention and be seen?


Will the celebration be during the day, morning tea, lunch, or an evening meal?  Along with the location, the time of the celebration will influence how long you speak, and maybe its contents.

Consider the location and time of this birthday celebration.

3.  Formal or informal

Will the celebration be formal or informal?  Will everyone be dressed up in suits and nice dresses, will it be at a workplace or in a restaurant? Will it be on a weekend which could add a more casual atmosphere? Will it be inside or outside, perhaps even around a barbeque? Considering the location and time will give you an insight into how you construct your speech.

4.  How long?

Are there many speeches or will you be the only speaker?  As a guide, consider a speech between three minutes to seven minutes.

Speech Structure

It's as simple as ABC.

1.  Attention

Consider your opening words to gain the attention of all gathered.  Is it a word picture that you paint or a short story, is it a well considered quote, or a quip?  Whatever you say, make it interesting so you have your audiences' attention.

2.  Body

The main part of your speech is the body, and can be divided into up to three parts that interconnect, ie one part leads to the next part.

Consider three points 1, 2 and 3 to form the centre or main part (Body) of your speech.


Of course, you can have more than three points but you risk making your speech longer, reducing attention, and with too many points, confusing your message.  I can personally recommend three points for an effective speech.

The Body of your speech is where you tell them.

3.  Conclusion

The Conclusion rounds out and summarises your speech.

This is where you tell them what you have told them.

You can add some spice to your 18th Birthday Speech

Consider adding some quotes and Humor

Quotes from eminent and well known people can really assist and lift your speech.  Choose quotes that fit your audience and if possible whose author could be known by your audience.  Of course whether you use formal quotes or humor, if it fits a sporting or hobby side of the birthday person all the better and all will relate to the words.


The best and safest humor is self deprecating, so if you are giving an 18th birthday speech about yourself, this is the best humor.  Of course these examples can help, and are especially useful if you are speaking about another who is turning 18. 

Humor is the oil that lubricates your words, so if you can use humor certainly incorporate it in a sensitive way. You are now ready to go and deliver your 18th Birthday Speech, and you will wow them. All the very best and don't forget to enjoy the moment of the celebrations.

An 18th birthday speech is an opportunity to create a memorable moment.  Congratulations.

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