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Hi, Warren here

Here are hundreds of persuasive speech ideas and topics that I personally collected and use for my topic ideas in my speeches and presentations.

I now save valuable HOURS before I start a Speech or Presentation deciding on this essential first step - the Topic and how to use it to capture thae audiences' attention, as I use this book. So can you.

Like me, use the time saved to get into your topic or
out with your friends !!

Use this

Long list of hundreds of Topics and persuasive speech ideas with

o Numerous Sample Titles within each Topic.

o Titles suitable for speeches, debating and

o Neatly and clearly presented in pdf format.

Use this book to get the edge in your assignment.

In addition in this book you will …..

  Learn how to adapt any title to any of these uses.
  As you adapt a Title, this book will show you

  How to create five, six or more new titles.
  Titles numbers will explode using the ideas in this book ...

  Save hours with all Topics organised
  into logical groupings with the Titles to make searching easier.
  NOT just a list that you then have to spend hours reading through.

  Get to the Topics you need FAST.
  There is NO long searching to find the topic right for you.

  Learn how to capture your audiences’ (or lecturer’s)
   attention for those first important few minutes of your
   presentation. VITAL !!


this one resource over and over.

Available as ONE of the two FREE Gifts with all ....... Have a look at all these FREE persuasive Speech ideas

Here is an

EXCERPT from the Book ...

From the Topic Concept “Medical Issues” with the
Topic Heading “Life”.

These are the Titles or sentences which can be used to create
your speech topic, debate topic or writing topic.

Persuasive speech topic book

From this one Topic on "Life", all these possible Titles. Topical, controversial, fun. In the book there are hundreds of Topics and Titles.

Saving you hours …

The book outlines how to dramatically rewrite each and every title to explode into five, six or more titles from any one to better suit your circumstance.

Exploding Topics and Titles

Make a ...... today and receive the Edition with the Extra section FREE containing additional BONUS Topics and persuasive speech ideas.
Hundreds of organised Topics.

All this Speeches information is available as ONE of the TWO FREE Gifts with all .......

There are hours to be saved here.

There are better things to do than to spend time thinking up a topic!!

This is your best investment.

Communication is the greatest adventure. I am glad that this book and website can help you. Make sure you stay in touch - it's all here and coming - how to put your words together ... delivery tips and techniques ... Newletter ...

Best wishes,

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