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April 2004 YSSN 2004-04

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1. The Eyes have it
2. How to take the Trauma out of the Talk – Part 2


QUOTE of the Month
“They may forget what you said,
but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
Carl W. Buechner

So how do you communicate your Message through feelings?
This will be a future item in YSSN.

The EYES have it – Part 1

In a shop last week, I noticed how one Shop Assistant seemed to relate well to her customers as they all left with smiles, as opposed to the customers of other Assistants. When it came to my turn, I was greeted with a smile from her lips and her eyes.

As I made my purchase, I continued to notice how she maintained eye contact when she spoke to me. This meant she was easily understood as she faced me to speak and most important, she created a warm “service-oriented” relationship which came across as “friendly and helpful” and “you are important”.

You guessed it, I have returned to this shop several times, and I have observed, so do others. Guess which Shop Assistant is very busy ...

I have decided to take note as I shopped, as to which shops I felt “happy” and comfortable to be in. I found that this turned out to be those where that relationship was developed through eye contact, whether it was buying apples or being served a cup of coffee.

The Lesson:

    Making eye contact establishes a relationship of trust and confidence. Eye contact facilitates clear communications.

Regardless of the size, making eye contact with your audience (one or hundreds, thousands) removes barriers and establishes rapport. When you have rapport, you have a relationship where trust and ATTENTION exist. Trust and attention enable you to COMMUNICATE your MESSAGE.

The Application:

    Eye contact is important anywhere you interact with people. In one-to-one corridor conversations, Team Meetings, larger corporate or Club meetings, in presentations large or small.

Next Newsletter
Part 2 – The power of eye contact in a meeting
Part 3 – How to use eye contact in a very large meeting of hundreds and more

How to take the Trauma out of the Talk? - Part 2

Have you used the GOAL method in the last Newsletter? See it at ...

What else can you do to Take the Trauma out of YOUR Talk?

A very simple tip is not to memorise your speech, or presentation.

There is nothing more traumatic than trying to remember a word, or an expression that you have memorised. It IS very traumatic !

So what is the solution ??

It is simple … you speak from keywords for most of your speech and learn thoroughly your one minute Introduction and one minute Conclusion.

This means that you speak naturally for the vast bulk of your speech, what's called the Speech Body, without the pressure of being “word-perfect” from memorised words.

Natural language means you are relaxed, yet directed by your brief notes, or keywords, or some mnemonic device. You speak freely, yet focussed.

Here is a sample speech that could help you structure your speech. A
persuasive Speech Outline.

You only memorise, or know VERY WELL, TWO minutes of your speech: the
Introduction to gain your audiences’ attention, and the
Conclusion where your memorable “take-away” or “take-out” words are delivered, your “call to action” perhaps, and your KEY Message.

Try it next time … don’t be daunted by your unmemorised Speech Body … and then

FEEL the freedom, and you’ll ENJOY the moment …


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Written by Warren Holland, BEd, GDBusComp, GCM, ATM
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